Decatur senior citizens celebrate Christmas holiday

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DECATUR, Ala. – Some very special people in Decatur were in the Christmas spirit on Thursday morning.

Dozens of senior citizens at the Turner-Surles Community Resource Center gathered for a day of food, friends, and fun in honor of the upcoming Christmas holiday.

Representatives from Polaris stopped in to play Santa, leaving each person with a warm blanket and hygiene products.

The center’s supervisor said her seniors are in good spirits on a daily basis.

“They come every day, we play bingo, we do all kinds of other things with them. Today is a big day, it’s our Christmas party and it was all about fellowship and companionship and ’tis the season,” said Turner-Surles Center Supervisor Suzanne Langdon.

Ms. Etta Freeman is celebrating her 102nd Christmas this year and said she couldn’t be more excited. She was gifted an extra snuggly blanket and a pair of comfy slippers that she said she can’t wait to wear.

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