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Irma Maria Diego-Gomez (Photo: Decatur Police Department)

DECATUR, Ala. — The Decatur Police Department has determined a missing teenager to be a runaway.

Fourteen-year-old Irma Maria Diego-Gomez was last seen on October 11, 2017, at her home in Decatur when she left for school.

Police said that when Irma did not arrive home in the afternoon, it was discovered that she never arrived at school.

Decatur Police released this statement on October 31 about Irma’s status as a runaway:

It is believed that Diego-Gomez left Decatur, Alabama on her own volition with the intent to return to the village in Guatemala where she was raised by her grandmother.

Police say that it is unknown if she is in the company of anyone at this time. Irma does not live with her family in Alabama,  but she does have family in Guatemala.

If you have any information on Irma Maria Diego-Gomez’ whereabouts, contact the Decatur Police Department at (256) 341-4660.