Decatur police officer mobilizes community to help repair vandalized, totaled car


DECATUR, Ala. – For one Decatur police officer, a criminal mischief report turned into turned into the opportunity to make a difference.

Officer Jonathan Macklin responded to a Decatur home earlier in July and found a vehicle so heavily vandalized, the car would likely be totaled by insurance.

The front and back windshield, head and tail lights, and side mirrors were all smashed along with damage to the cars body and paint job.

Macklin noticed that the vehicle’s owner, Kaleb Campbell, was devastated and decided to do everything in his power to help the 16-year-old.

“Me being a police officer, I don’t want to be remembered for what I do for a living, but because of who I am. That’s why I did this. My faith is in God, this is what God wants us to do,” explains Macklin.

Macklin lives on a mission to make a difference. As he was leaving the scene of the call, he got a nudge from a neighbor to help.

“Ms. Walker, she stopped me and said well I think he’s going to be okay because I just have a feeling a blessing is going to come his way. When I heard that and as soon as I left I immediately called my pastor,” says Macklin.

Macklin contacted his pastor, Jamin Grubbs, at Trinity Baptist Church and asked if the church could help. Trinity graciously agreed to pay for Campbell’s insurance deductible so the vehicle could be repaired.

“Our jobs as Christians are to help one another. I firmly believe if we do what God calls us to do as far as helping another person and if that person will help another person….if we would take that opportunity to help just one person, this world would be so much better,” says Macklin.

Macklin reached out to Allen’s Paint & Body Shop, who repaired the vehicle’s body, paint damage, and replaced both windshields and side mirrors.

Wilks Tire & Battery chipped in with a brand new set of tires and Decatur Tint tinted all the windows for free.

Kaleb Campbell tells News 19 he is extremely grateful for the community support to fix his car.

“It was a big surprise… everybody that was there that helped out. It was unbelievable to me,” says Campbell.

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