Decatur police offer security camera registration program


DECATUR, Ala. – In an effort to solve crimes faster, the Decatur Police Department is encouraging residents to voluntarily register their surveillance systems into their camera registry.

Police say when a crime happens, officers go house-to-house to try to locate cameras that might have video evidence. They said having a camera registry would cut down on the time spent trying to find footage and help dedicate more time to capturing criminals.

To include your security camera, visit their surveillance camera registry website. Police say your cameras cannot be accessed remotely or without your explicit permission.

If you move, change systems, or would like to remove your camera, you can unsubscribe from the registry at any time.

To speak with someone about registering your surveillance devices, call Lieutenant Scott Strickland at (256) 341-4671. If prompted, please leave a message with your preferred means of contact.

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