Decatur Police Department pushes for Yellow Dot Program participation


DECATUR, Ala. — As a way to keep drivers safe while they’re traveling, the Decatur Police Department is encouraging Alabamians to take part in the Yellow Dot program.

The free program is designed to provide first responders with important information in the event a driver is unable to communicate after a crash.

Irene Cardenas-Martinez with DPD says using the Yellow Dot program could be a vital part in helping save your life during a worst-case scenario.

“Information in the packet includes medical conditions you might have, doctor information, as well as your blood type,” she said. “A recent photo is also included, just so they can verify that it’s you and it’s the information that you’ve provided.”

Once the packet is filled out, it goes in your glove box and a yellow dot sticker is placed on the rear windshield to alert first responders that information can be found in your vehicle.

Packets can be found at the Decatur Police Department, but this is a statewide program so contact your local police department for information on how to get a packet if you live outside of that area.

The Alabama Department of Public Health says the Yellow Dot program is a free service provided to individuals of all ages, with an emphasis on senior citizens.

The Yellow Dot program was initially started with funding from the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs. ADECA’s Law Enforcement and Traffic Safety Division now serves as a point of communication and coordination for the program, which is implemented at the local level by law enforcement agencies and first responders.

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