DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – A music store in Decatur may be closing soon. New development in the area is forcing an old favorite to close or relocate.

Emiron Music has been in Decatur for 51 years. The name is short for Emily and Ron, the two owners of the store who met in 1970.

The store used to be Forbes Piano Company when Ron the owner was just the manager of the store.

After 51 years, the store now has to make changes as development in Decatur grows. Ron says they are making it a showplace.

“They’re going to make this a showplace for Decatur,” said Ron Crow.

An 80-unit motel will be built across the street from Emiron, and the building the business lives in will be renovated and reopened to match the growth of Decatur. Ron says he knows that renovations mean he will be priced out.

“It will be for lease but as a showcase, I’m sure the lease price will be a little pricey for us. I haven’t even discussed it with them because I know what new real estate leases are. Essentially, this will be new real estate when they finish with it.”

Guitars, drums, hand percussion, trumpets, trombones, keyboards, sheet music; anything you want in a musical instrument you could find at Emiron.

Robert Lowry in Decatur said they have fond memories of this place as a kid.

“This is pretty sad. I grew up with it. I grew up going there buying sheet music, got my first trumpet there during middle school. I joined band and it was a lot of fun going in seeing all the instruments seeing a lot of crazy stuff going on,” said Lowry.

The end for Emiron is undecided as they try to salvage the store by moving to a new location.

The owner says he’s looking for a place that is the right fit, one that is the right size has the right lease amount and the right location.

If those requirements aren’t met, the doors on Emiron will close for good.