Decatur honors legacy of crossing guards

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DECATUR, Ala. -- The Decatur Police Department celebrated the legacy left by crossing guards who have worked together since the 70s. Combined the two women have worked as Decatur crossing guards for nearly 100 years.

These ladies were the first smile, the first trusted adult on the way to school for generations of kids

"This means that all of those years thinking nobody was seeing me somebody did," said retiring crossing guard Bobbie Wright.

When she had her first day as a crossing guard in 1972, she didn't think she would be here today

"No, I did not think that I would keep going out in the weather. With the children stepping out in front of speeding cars. People talking about me, throwing stuff out their car at me. Calling me names," Wright said. "I didn't think I'd take it this long, but I had a job to do, I had children to be concerned with. So I kept working."

Now after nearly 50 years as the crossing guard at Brookhaven Middle School shes retired.

Annie Edmonds will be 86-years-old in October. After almost 50 years as a crossing guard, she's retired from her position at Julian Harris Elementary. "Most of all I enjoyed my job," said Edmonds.

She doesn't just think that's the secret to a long career. "I know it is," Edmonds said.

The women say they felt called to the work but it wasn't always easy. "Children are children. But it its the way you approach them," Edmonds said.

But it is those children they say they'll miss the most. "I'm going to miss them because I'm not going to see them anymore, know what's going on with them," said Wright.

But on the other hand, the best part or retiring? "Not having to see them," Wright said.

The two say they look forward to crossing over into retirement, and attempting to sleep in. The women were recognized for their service by the Decatur Police Chief, Nate Allen. And Decatur Mayor Tab Bowling.

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