Brookhaven Students Write Letters to Editor to Help Improve School’s Image

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – Letters to the editor. Two students at Decatur’s Brookhaven Middle School saw their letters published by a local newspaper over the weekend. One writes about a recent grafitti incident at the school, the other writes about getting Brookhaven off the state’s failing schools list.

The students are taking part in a current events class that keeps up with current events through news reports and recently the students read a couple of articles that disturbed them. So they put their feelings on paper and this weekend the paper put their feelings into print.

Adrian Rollins and Hunter Mitchell are sixth graders and they are both concerned about making their school a better place. So when they read about recent vandalism at the school that also mentioned Brookhaven being on the state’s failing schools list, they and other students were compelled to write.

“The school is already having trouble with the failing school list and it just made it even worse cause its in the newspaper about this school is already a failing school and it just makes it worse and its brings our number of children down and bringing the number of children down makes it harder for us to succeed,” according to sixth grader Hunter Mitchell.

Both boys acknowledge test scores at the school have improved dramatically over the past couple of years yet Brookhaven remains on the list, and they don’t believe that’s fair.

“I think we’ve been on this school list for like one or two years already and I would just like to be off of it,” says sixth grader Adrian Rollins.

The Decatur Daily published letters from both boys on Sunday.

School administrators say their focus is on the students themselves and their success.

The school’s assistant principal, Derrick Aikerson, tells us, “It’s really great to hear, not just those two young men but all the students here, have a really deep sense of pride and want to see Brookhaven succeed. So it’s really refreshing as an administrator to see those attitudes in those young men.”

The students make the point, if the state was able to throw out test scores from the past year of two, Brookhaven would no longer be on the state’s list of failing schools. And no one is looking forward to the day Brookhaven is no longer on that list more than the students themselves.