DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – Decatur City Schools officials have asked students to return certain school-issued laptop chargers.

Officials say there could be a risk of fire from the non-branded USB-C power cords after a cord recently had an electrical shortage at a school. These cords power numerous student and staff devices.

“We need everyone to take a look at the power cord that has been issued by the school system. The cables we are looking for are solid black they have a rounded corner edge,” said Decatur City School District Technology Coordinator Bryan Keenum.

School officials say the power cord affected is solid black and unbranded, meaning there are no labels like Dell, Lenovo, Apple, Amazon Basics, etc.

“On the front side you will not see a manufacturer branding,” Keenum added. “On the back, you will see a sticker that says USB type C.”

The Decatur City Schools technology department is replacing the impacted power cords with new branded ones. If you have an unbranded charger, just take it to the student’s school library for a replacement.

Currently, Keenum said he is working with the district media specialists to replace the cords as soon as possible.