Decatur City, Police to release revised ICE policy

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DECATUR, Ala. – Tuesday,  the City of Decatur will be sharing a revised policy regarding Decatur Police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

This comes after Decatur Mayor Tab Bowling shared a Facebook post criticizing the Decatur chief of police Sunday night.

City officials in Decatur will work to ‘clarify’ the immigration policy that was instituted by the police chief last week and then protested by the mayor.

Bowling has since deleted his Facebook post in which he spoke out against the policy initiated by Chief Nate Allen.

But in a new post shared Monday afternoon he says the mayor’s office, police department and the legal department are now working together to reshape the policy.

Mayor Bowling’s original post regarded a Decatur police policy that includes 12 rules for how officers will treat people and under what circumstances they would assist Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

In the post, Bowling talked about illegal immigration, saying, “Decatur will not be a sanctuary city.”

Both the mayor and police Chief Allen were at Monday afternoon’s city council meeting, but neither spoke on the topic at the meeting.

Police Chief Allen didn’t wish to comment on camera, but says the policy is not brand new. It’s been in existence for at least a year in Decatur.

He says it was written to ensure cooperation. He says they want people to be willing to come to police and report crime, regardless of what their citizenship status may be.

The city has sent out a joint statement which said they’re changing the policy to follow state and federal law.

It’s worth noting – before the post was deleted – Bowling had people commenting in support of his statement as well.

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