DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — Decatur City Councilman Hunter Pepper is making headlines after an email exchange between him and Decatur Mayor Tab Bowling.

The emails show Bowling chastising Pepper for his reported irresponsibility.  

On July 12, Andrea Hoffmeier of the organization 1Duck: OneDecatur United Citizens Kaizen, sent an email to city council members consisting of questions to be answered before the next council meeting.  

Pepper replied to all in that email and that’s where the exchange began. 

Hoffmeier sent the email to Pepper and other city officials, along with several people who are not related to the city government.  

Pepper, who has reportedly missed several city council meetings, replied to all in the mail saying he would, “miss Monday morning’s council meeting” because he had been “completely unaware that my family vacation was this coming week beginning Sunday and ending next Sunday.” 

Mayor Bowling responded, also replying to all 30 people and outside organizations in the email stating, “You have been missing numerous meetings and work sessions. Being unaware of a planned family event doesn’t hold water for me, Mr. Pepper. It means you can be a day or two late to a vacation as you serve as a City Councilman, considering your recent absences.”

Bowling went on to say in another reply, “I encourage you to get your priorities in order, especially considering the continued embarrassments you continue to bring on our city during this historic time of growth.” 

Hoffmeier and other non-city officials told News 19 that they were stunned by the continued exchange. 

“This entire administration really needs to take a step back and evaluate how they are presenting themselves out to their constituents and how they are behaving towards each other, and I think that they really need to invest in developing the ability to have dialog,” said Hoffmeier. 

The exchange continued through several replies. Some council members stated that the mayor is out of line.

“The mayor has no control over Hunter Pepper,” Councilman Billy Jackson said. “Nobody controls Hunter Pepper except his constituents.” 

On July 2, Pepper was seen on police body camera video in a reported confrontation with Decatur Police about an issue with him possessing fireworks at his home.

Mayor Bowling refused to comment on the exchange. Pepper said he just wants to continue serving the City of Decatur.