Decatur city council member rushed to hospital during public meeting

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DECATUR, Ala – The youngest person ever elected to the Decatur City Council was rushed to the hospital during a public meeting Tuesday. Hunter Pepper is crediting a firefighter’s quick thinking for helping him during this medical emergency.

A live stream of Tuesday’s public meeting and work session shows Pepper, who was 18-years-old when he was elected this summer, rubbing his head and abstaining from votes. About an hour through the meeting, a representative from Decatur Utilities was giving testimony about the rate change. When the camera panned back to the council members, Hunter Pepper was gone.

“I noticed Councilor Pepper get up and leave the meeting. He walked around. And he kind of got my attention when he came to the back of the chambers and he asked me if I had a lancet that he might check his blood sugar. And when somebody says something like that you kind of perk up and start noticing signs and symptoms,” said Patrick Jasck with Decatur Fire And Rescue.

Jackson says he made the decision to ask someone to call for help.

“We had an ambulance come, we had a fire unit come, and they took good care of him,” Jackson stated.

Pepper was eventually taken to the hospital.

News 19 talked to Councilor Pepper about what happened. He says he actually doesn’t remember the council meeting and he was taken to the hospital a couple times this week for having low blood sugar. Eventually he was diagnosed with hypoglycemia. He credits Jackson for noticing something was wrong, having someone call emergency services, and not letting him leave the building.

“That’s just we do at the fire department. We just help people who need help,” Jackson said.

Jackson says it’s all in a day’s work.

Councilor Pepper told News 19 his health is very important to him and he is going to do everything he can to prevent another episode. He is also thankful to his friends and family who support him as he learns to manage his diagnosis.

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