MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Every day thousands of workers make the trek from one side of the river to head into Madison County from Decatur and vice versa.

Traffic across the few bridges that transport residents from county to county is hectic, and that’s something the City of Decatur plans to alleviate by building another bridge. However, the new bridge could impact residents in a couple of counties.

The Decatur City Council recently ran a $2 million study to determine what areas are best fit for construction of the new bridge which could take upwards of a decade to build.

“You could see construction in maybe the next 7-8 years, but completion probably about 10 years,” Decatur City Council president Jacob Ladner said.

“When you build a bridge of this magnitude, where it goes is not really going to be up to a city council or city at all. It’s not even a state, this will be a federal project… And it’s going to land on someone’s property, and those people are probably not going to be happy with that and that’s every bridge and infrastructure plan in the entire country,” Ladner added.

Ultimately, where the bridge lands is not entirely up to the city, but it could affect residents in Madison and Morgan County.

“You want to minimize that impact, you know, but our main concern is we want to minimize impact to any private landowner but what we really have an issue with is we are sending 25,000+ people across that river and back across that river every day, 365 days a year,” said Ladner. “We want to work with you. The bridge may land in an area that may impact you but we want to work together to minimize that impact.”

As of right now, no land has been officially selected for the bridge to be built on.