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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – Eko Solutions is re-thinking what a home looks like by using recycled shipping containers. They completely transform the container, both inside and out, to create both temporary and permanent luxury-style models.

They build the homes at Decatur’s Container Solutions, Inc. The container home model is the brainchild of CSI Equipment Sales’ partnership with Land Betterment Solutions.

They come fully equipped with a full bathroom, kitchen, tankless water heater, HVAC system, and any other amenity that makes a home functional.

It takes about 10 days to build the home from start to finish. It can be installed in less than half of a single day.

“People say ‘why?’ about container houses in general, but the answer is, ‘why not?’ It’s very very safe. It’s safer than a normal framed home, the containers need to be used for something and it creates revenue in a home market that isn’t tapped into very well right now, which is small homes, in general, that’s built with real quality,” Assistant General Manager Stetson Schaible said.

Sustainability is only part of the mission. Because the homes can be built so quickly and can be transported, they’re perfect to help those who need it fast, already creating entire Villages of Hope for those who need it most, like some of Kentucky’s tornado victims.

“The CEO, Mark, called me a week before Christmas and said, can we take four of our homes and donate them and get them in place for 4 families before Christmas? I said, I don’t know if we can, but we can try,” General Manager Peter Rodriguez said.

They got the homes installed in Kentucky before the deadline.

Through sponsorships, donations and a partnership with the Community Foundation of West Kentucky, more have been sent and rented out to Kentuckians who still don’t have a place to stay, free of cost to the tenant.

“A total of 20 homes will be placed by the end of this month,” Rodriguez said.

They’re still accepting donations through the Foundation and say this is just the beginning. They say they’re open to partnerships elsewhere too, to help make it happen for victims there.

“What can we do to try to bring in, whether it’s the same foundation or a different foundation to try to use the exact same model that we’re currently doing,” Rodriguez said. “That’s what all this is for, right? Is be able to help people.”