DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — Decatur Animal Services want to ensure they’re meeting the needs of those on four legs. To do that, they need volunteers to provide love and support to their animals.

Shelter officials say their volunteer numbers have dwindled and they’re really hoping to get them back up in order to help with its day-to-day operations. The shelter is open six days a week and volunteers are needed for each day.

There’s an immediate need for volunteers to help with cleaning, walking, and socializing with the animals. 

Alane Ward, Decatur Animal Services Adoption Representative, has been working with the city since 2015. She says making the decision to volunteer with animals is special because you get to physically watch a living thing get adopted and go home.  

“Some volunteers that come daily – they see them when they come in as a stray, they help take care of them in the stray room while they’re here,” says Ward.

“Then they get to bath them and move them up for adoption, then they get to meet with the public and talk them up…and then they get to watch them go home. It’s a start-to-finish process that you get to see the entire thing when you’re volunteering.”

For questions about the volunteer program, contact the shelter at (256)-341-4790 or you can visit this link.