Crews Work to Repair Falkville Gas Leak

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FALKVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – It is there, but can’t be seen. Gas started leaking from a 4-inch main around noon in Falkville.

Crews with the Falkville Water Department hit the main while digging a hole to install a fire hydrant.

Falkville firefighters and members of the Morgan County Emergency Management Agency evacuated seven homes. Those first responders made contact with five people.

Authorities said no one was in immediate danger, but the homes were evacuated as a precaution.

Police blocked Highway 55 west of Highway 31.

Falkville’s Fire Chief Chris Free said marks were made on the main to tell water department workers where to make a cut, but the crews made a very common mistake instead.

“The locations are not always exact, so as they are digging and coming down, he got real close to it. It was hidden by dirt. When he hit it, it put a slit in it and gas started coming out,” said Free.

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