Court Records Paint Picture Of Betrayal, Greed, Murder

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DECATUR, Ala (WHNT) – Two men accused of killing a Decatur man will soon have their day in court. Charles Makekau and Dewayne Hicks will both go before a judge one week from today to answer a charge of capital murder. Now we’re learning how police say the men planned the crime, and even practiced how they were going to rob their victim.

Court records obtained by WHNT News 19 reveal a story of betrayal and greed, leading ultimately to murder. The records indicate Dewayne Hicks and Ryan Caudle broke into Jamie Travers home during the early morning hours of June 18th with the intention of robbing him. Caudle has confessed to investigators he and Travers’ roommate, Charles Makekau planned the crime, with Makekau providing the access code to Travers alarm system.

Makekau allegedly told Caudle where to find a quanity of cash in the home, and police say he demanded a portion of the money in exchange for helping plan the crime. Investigators say Makekau even bragged the burglary would not have been possible without the information he provided to Caudle and Hicks.

Court records show Caudle obtained a 30-caliber rifle they would use during the robbery, and police confirm the slug removed from Travers’ body was, in fact, a 30-caliber bullet. Both Caudle and Hicks told investigators they had made a practice run, going to Travers’ home, approximately 7 hours before the crime was committed.

Travers’ girlfriend, according to the court documents, told investigators the two men entered their bedroom and one of the men took Travers downstairs at gunpoint demanding money. She says moments later she heard a gunshot. After that, she says the second man took her downstairs and then both men fled the home. Travers was found dead in his front yard from a single gunshot wound to the chest.

Caudle, Hicks and Makekau are all charged with capital murder.

Arrangements are currently being made for the third suspect, Ryan Caudle to be returned to Alabama to stand trial. He’s currently being held in Michigan where U.S. Marshals arrested him last week.

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