Court dates upcoming for Decatur physician accused of preying on patients


Dr. Michael Dick

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DECATUR, Ala. — His accusers say Decatur physician Dr. Michael Dick is using his office to prey on vulnerable women.

WHNT News 19 has previously aired cell phone video of a former patient of Dr. Dick’s that seems to show him groping her and pressing against her.

But, in a court filing Monday, attorneys for Dr. Dick say he’s not guilty of misconduct, and that his treatment of his patients complied with regular standards of care.

The two sides will be in court Sept. 12 for a hearing. The plaintiffs are also seeking to sue nurses and other employees in Dick’s office, alleging they enabled Dick’s misconduct and turned a blind eye to patient suffering.

Dick’s attorneys are asking the court to bar the public release of the names of any of his nurses being sued, so as not to damage their reputations. The plaintiffs argue there is no basis in law for that.

Dick’s lawyers also want a gag order in the case and have complained about how its been covered by the media.

And, Dick’s attorneys say they are reserving the right to sever the cases – that is — defend against each plaintiff’s claims separately.

Dick is also facing a challenge on the criminal side.

He is set for a hearing on the harassment charges on Sept. 28 in Decatur municipal court. One of the charges dates back to last October and is also part of the lawsuit.

Dick’s practice continues to operate. The Alabama Board of medical examiners has said it is investigating the situation, but, as our news partner reported Thursday, details of an investigation – like that it’s underway – aren’t included in the public record when someone looks up a doctor’s disciplinary history in Alabama.