Corrections officers train for a shot at law enforcement academy

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DECATUR, Ala. – A handful of Morgan County corrections officers took on the state’s physical ability and agility course Thursday morning.

The test is required for entry to the law enforcement training academy. It is composed of two phases, both administered on the same day.

Participants had 90 seconds to complete an obstacle course: pushing trucks, jumping barriers, climbing through windows, balancing on beams, and dragging a 165-pound dummy through the sand.

Corrections officers said it felt amazing to know they weren’t in it alone.

“It’s everything. It’s a brotherhood, it means that someone’s got your back and you’ve got theirs,” said Brandon Overton, a corrections officer at the Morgan County Jail.

The second phase included sit-ups, push-ups and a mile and a half run.

Alex Berzett, the only female jailer who participate, said leaning on one another helped.

“Emotional support and motivation. It helps a whole lot,” Berzett explained. “And then when you think you can’t do it anymore, sometimes all it takes is that extra person to push through.”

Morgan County deputies were present to motivate everyone and most participants completed the test in qualifying time.

Now, the Morgan County Sheriff’s office is tasked with choosing who gets to go to the academy.

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