Cook Museum of Natural Sciences in Decatur to Open

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DECATUR, Ala. — The Cook Museum of Natural Sciences in Decatur will be opening in June.

From a humble bug collection in 1968 to the newest 62,000 square foot museum, the Cook Museum has come a long way.

“The mission is to engage, excite, and educate people of all ages about the natural world around them,” says Mike Taylor, the Marketing and Public Relations Manager of the Cook Museum of Natural Sciences.

Taylor says when people see the “Cook” name, they think the museum is all about bugs. But, out of the eleven exhibit galleries, only one is about bugs.

All of the exhibits within the museum include Caves, Oceans, Forests, Discover, Looking Up, Foundations, Rivers & Streams, Arctic/Desert, and Wonderful World of Insects. You will find live animals, classrooms, a cafe, an event venue, and a museum store within the building.

After a process of seven years, the time is almost here for the general public to get a peek into the inside. The final touches are being implemented over the next week, along with an employee training called “Life is Amazing,” that all employees must go through.

“We want people to think that life is amazing and to see that life is amazing when they come in here,” says Taylor. “You can’t just do that with things in an exhibit gallery, you do that with the people.” He says the culture makes the museum stand out.

The grand opening is Friday, June 7 and tickets are officially available! You can purchase tickets and memberships on the website.

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