MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — A pair of sandals has people in the comment section fired up and posing the question, “What’s considered contraband?”

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office shared several pictures of what look like regular sandals, but are nowhere near ordinary as the department explained what the shoes were made from.

An inmate “fashioned” the “stylish sandals” from a towel, a garbage bag and some old soles, the Facebook post detailed.

“We see an [E]tsy store in their future,” wrote the MCSO, never known for backing down from the opportunity for a quick quip.

Comments from those supporting the unique creation argued that not only is it “creative” and “impressive,” but some suggested using the inmate’s talent as a “give back” project.

Others went so far as to tag Kanye West, “Look at this talent and fashion piece,” and more commentary suggested creating a “craft class” for the trustees to incentivize good and productive behavior.

Regardless of the inmate’s ingenuity and time spent on the sandals, the MSCO confirmed the shoes were confiscated.