Community organization prepares homes for the winter free of charge

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DECATUR, Ala. – When the temperature starts dropping utility bills can start rising. Winterizing is key, without it homeowners risk extra expenses. Especially those who can’t afford big bills.

“If you’re on a fixed income, and it goes from ten percent of your income to forty or fifty percent of your income there’s not money then for food or things that are a necessity for life,” explained Tim Thrasher, Community Action Partnership of North Alabama CEO.

The organization helped prep two Decatur homes this week.

“This is the perfect day, when it’s a little chilly outside, to be able to see the value of weatherization day,” explained Decatur Mayor Tab Bowling. “That also applies in our warmer conditions as well.”

Workers finished projects the homeowners couldn’t do themselves.

“Foundations were painted, they were power-washed, sidewalks, driveways were power-washed. We actually painted the porches for them, tore down some sheds for safety issues and health issues,” Thrasher added.

Crews put brand new insulation into the home of a woman who had lived in her home for more than forty years.

“A large part of her budget goes toward utilities for her home and so what that does is decreases that burden,” explained Thrasher.

Proper weather preparation could save homeowners hundreds of dollars through the winter months.

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