Community comes together to clean up storm damage in Decatur


MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – A powerful winter storm system is behind a spring-like tornado outbreak in the deep South.

Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi are all cleaning up after a deadly string of at least 27 tornadoes ripped up homes and tore through neighborhoods.

In Decatur, a tree fell onto one home, then winds blew the roof off the house next door. Two families are dealing with the damage as they’re working together to move forward.

After strong storms hit Decatur, Luceli Mejia showed us some of the damage. In her neighbor’s home – what looked like a silver wall was actually the roof.

Francisca Gonzales owns that home. She said she remembers the tornado sirens going off. She took her children to the courthouse storm shelter.

While they weathered the storm, the storm snapped a tree that fell onto the home next to hers trapping three people inside.

Alejandro Martinez said his family was scared and were hoping nothing bad happened. Help arrived to break his family out of the house.

“We noticed that they needed some help so we came to help me and my guys, said Felipe Valenzo Hernandez. He owns a lawn service business – North Alabama Dreamscapes – and brought along several workers to clear out all the debris.

Community members were doing all they could today to help the family clean up the mess and the tree that collapsed on top of their home.

Martinez said he feels sad because other families had it worse. His family is safe and no one was hurt.

“We’re from Moulton and some of my neighbors needed help,” said Valenzo Hernandez.

Gonzalez said she needs the help. “Yes, I’m going to stay here. I’ve been asking for help to fix the roof so we can spend Christmas in our home.”

Neighbors helping neighbors to put the damage of the storm behind them and look forward to the holidays.

The North Alabama Dreamscapes lawn service company is offering to help families clean up any damage done to their homes and lawns as much as it can. You can contact them at (256) 345-2641.

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