Cold weather travel precautions

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – Tuesday’s temperatures were pretty low but those temperatures were expected to drop even lower.

The Decatur-Morgan County Emergency Management Agency said there are a few things to remember if you have to be outdoors.

“Bundle up, avoid travel if it is really cold and icy and just try to stay warm and drink plenty of liquids as always,” said Eddie Hicks, Director of the Decatur-Morgan County Emergency Management Agency.

Morgan County has several busy roads and bridges and Tuesday morning county authorities reported icy surfaces.

So why not pre-treat to prevent slick streets?

When temperatures drop below freezing the Decatur-Morgan County Emergency Management Agency, as well as Decatur’s Street Department, said they wait for authorities to notify them of road conditions that may be a little too dangerous for people to travel on. That`s when they activate their services.

“Then we will start putting out public information messages to please stay at home, don’t travel unless its absolutely necessary,” Hicks added.

This happens most often when there is snow in the forecast. The EMA then collaborates with the street department to make problem areas safer.

“We do work with our road department because they have salt and other chemicals they can put on the roads if they need to if it gets to an icy situation like that, so we do work with them,” he explained.

Decatur’s Street Department said they have staff on-call to take to the roads when necessary.

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