Calhoun Community College holding disaster drill Tuesday, April 6


DECATUR, Ala. – Calhoun Community College will be holding its annual disaster drill Tuesday, April 6.

The annual drill will be held in and around the Visual Arts Building at the Alabama Center for the Arts from 9 a.m.-noon.

Campus visitors, faculty, staff, and students should expect to see a large number of first responders on campus during the drill.

Officer Damon Morgan told News 19 there won’t be any difference in this year’s simulation despite fewer students and faculty actually on site due to the pandemic.

“We absolutely do these trainings with the objective to be as well trained as we can for a situation that would arise,” Morgan said. “When we get finished with the training, we will survey all the responding agencies (and) every participant that was in it. We’ll listen to the feedback, and try to use that feedback to evaluate where we’re at.”

Yellow warnings signs reading “Active Simulation in Progress” will be posted around campus to alert everyone of the drill.

Campus officials said this year’s drill will simulate a scenario involving an active shooter on campus.

Morgan added access to the building’s immediate surroundings will be restricted due to police and SWAT presence.

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