DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — Decatur City Schools (DCS) said authorities are investigating after a bomb threat was called into Decatur High School (DHS) on Monday afternoon.

According to a post from DCS on Facebook just after 12 p.m., a bomb threat was called into DHS and The DCS Crisis Response Team and Decatur Police Department (DPD) were investigating it, though school officials say they don’t believe it was a credible threat.

DPD ran the number that came into the school to determine an origin, and the school system says it received word from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Fusion Center that a school out west also received a bomb threat call that matched the telephone number and voice description of the one phoned into Decatur High School this morning.

“We appreciate the quick thinking of our administrators, the Crisis Communication Team, and local law enforcement in keeping students and staff safe while the matter was investigated,” DCS said.

Decatur High and Decatur Middle both resumed operations under heightened alert around 1 p.m., DCS said in another post on social media.