Authorities stage Lawrence County woman’s murder to prevent murder-for-hire plot


Sandra Hill Treadway

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TOWN CREEK, Ala. – A Town Creek woman is behind bars after undercover investigators staged the death of another woman who they learned was the target of a murder-for-hire plot.

Lawrence County Sheriff Gene Mitchell said that a multi-agency investigation resulted in the arrest of Sandra Hill Treadway, 54, of Town Creek, for criminal solicitation of murder-for-hire.

Mitchell said during a drug investigation, Lawrence County Drug Taskforce agents learned that Treadway was attempting to hire a hit man to commit a murder. Treadway was attempting to locate a hit man to murder her grandson’s mother, he said. Treadway’s son and the mother of her grandchild are currently involved in a custody dispute and Treadway was wanting the hit-man to murder the grandchild’s mother to prevent her from receiving custody of the grandchild, Sheriff Mitchell said.

When the Drug Task Force agents learned about the murder for hire scheme that Treadway was involved in, agents requested assistance from investigators with the sheriff’s office and the district attorney’s office. Agents were able to conduct an undercover meeting with Treadway. During the undercover meeting, Sheriff Mitchell said that Treadway hired an undercover investigator to commit the murder.

During the first meeting, Treadway furnished the undercover investigator with detailed information about the target of the murder for hire, along with pictures of the target, a current address for the target and pictures and tag number of the target’s vehicle. Treadway also gave information to the undercover about the target being in the Florence area every Tuesday for supervised child visitation. Sheriff Mitchell said Treadway also paid a partial payment to the undercover and that the remainder of the payment for the murder would be paid upon the target of the hit being murdered.

Sheriff Mitchell said when agents made contact with the target of the murder for hire, she agreed to assist agents with staging her death so agents could have evidence to present to Treadway that the murder for hire contract was completed. He said that his agents were able to successfully complete a staged murder scene and were able to text a picture of the body to Treadway and arrange a final meeting for Treadway to meet the undercover investigator to receive the final payment. After Treadway received proof of the murder, Treadway agreed to meet the undercover investigator for the final payment, Sheriff Mitchell said.

Sheriff Mitchell said that when Treadway met with the undercover investigator, Treadway made the final payment and after leaving the meeting location. Agents arrested Treadway as she arrived back at her residence.

Sheriff Mitchell said that agents obtained a search warrant for Treadway’s residence and during the execution of the search warrant, agents located several laptop computers, along with U.S. currency and a handgun that Treadway had in her vehicle at the time of the payoff with the undercover. Sheriff Mitchell said that DHR was contacted due to the grandchild residing with Treadway and that DHR removed the grandchild from the residence. Treadway was booked into the county jail on a $35,000 bond.

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