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DECATUR, Ala. – We’re learning more about an incident where a Decatur police officer punched a liquor store owner who called police after an apparent robbery attempt at the store.

Kevin Penn’s attorney, Carl Cole, released the full video from the store the night Officer Justin Rippen punched Penn while responding to a robbery call in March.

Cole issued a statement that includes a time lapse description of the video.

“Shortly after the police entered his business and put the suspect on the ground, Mr. Penn suffered a broken jaw from a punch delivered by a Decatur Police Department Officer who because of, in the words of the Police Chief, ‘mistaken identity.’ They believed he was the suspect,” Cole said.

The statement continued, “A small portion of the security camera footage leaked onto social media last week and in response, the City of Decatur aired a short and edited video clip from one Officer’s body camera. This was the first Mr. Penn’s legal team had ever seen of the body camera footage. Despite the fact that the City was provided access to the full security cam footage in early April, and despite the fact that there had been multiple requests for the body cam footage, it has never been provided to Mr. Penn’s attorney. We have again today, renewed our request that the City provide all the body cam footage from each Officer from that night in its entirety, and unedited.”

Police say Rippen and two other officers responded to a robbery call at Penn’s store, Star Beverage. Police Chief Nate Allen said the officers thought Penn had a gun and mistakenly thinking he was a robbery suspect, Rippen punched him.

“The only thing they saw when they got there is the gun on the counter and he had something still in his hand, and he said ‘I’m not going to put my gun down,’ so that gives the impression to the officer that he still has a gun in his hand,” Allen said in a news conference last week.

Cole said the video shows Penn removed the magazine from his gun and laid it on the counter when police arrived, and did not move toward it before he was taken down by officers. Cole said Penn’s jaw was broken by the punch.

Cole said he wants Decatur police to release unedited video from the officers’ body cameras.

Rippen was placed on administrative duties June 8, a day after a short clip of the video showing the officer punching Penn began circulating on social media.

A Decatur spokeswoman said a review of the incident is ongoing.