Area law enforcement doubles efforts to warn public about counterfeit gold and silver


This is a sampling of the counterfeit items recently purchased in North Alabama (Image: Limestone County Sheriff’s Office)

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office is one of three departments to recently investigate cases of counterfeit gold and silver being sold in the area. The other reports come from Morgan County and Huntsville City.

Investigators say several suspects have been developed in the case.

The most recent cases involve purchases at flea markets like Dog Days in Ardmore and Lacon. Some reporting having been scammed out of thousands of dollars.

Investigators don’t know where the coins and gold bars are being produced. They suspect the fakes may also be purchased on line.

Many of the silver coins, bars, and gold bars are presented in sealed packaging. Breaking the seal for testing does devalue an actual item. However, gold buyers recommend if you make a large investment, that you break the seal and have one of the items tested.

Experts say weighing the item or an acid test can determine counterfeits. They suggest getting a true identification from a potential seller, instead of a vague alias.

In the three local cases, elderly subjects have been the target, though no one is immune. If you have recently purchased coins or bars that look like these, or any substantial collection, you may want to have them tested. If you have been scammed into buying a counterfeit collection, please contact your local law enforcement agency.

This is a story WHNT News 19’s Al Whitaker reported on more than a week ago. Be sure to check out his original story

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