Alabama Fire College recruits become Graduates

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DECATUR, Ala. – Friday afternoon eight men graduated from the Alabama Fire College.

One graduate, Jason Veres, says it’s always been a dream of his to save lives.

“I’m going to miss it, I really am. It might sound crazy, I mean it was hard work but I am going to miss it. We had really three great instructors that really took pride in their job and teaching us,” said Veres.

Those three instructors Veres mentioned taught the recruits about fire suppression, hazardous materials, rescue procedures and how to react in real life situations all in nine weeks.

Even though that’s a short training time, lead drill instructor Brandon Strickland says it’s enough time to teach them what they believe in.

“We really believe in training fireman and try to have the best recruiting academy that we can. We’re an original training facility with the Alabama state fire college and we’re definitely just trying to produce the best firefighters possible,” said Strickland.

Mayor Tab Bowling and Chief Anthony Grande agree that these men have worked hard and earned their new title.

Strickland says these men are ready to protect Alabama.

And Veres says he’s ready to help those in need.

“We’re here for the public. Whatever they need, we’ll do,” said Veres.

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