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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — A former teacher for Decatur High School who pleaded guilty to having sex with a student has been ordered to repay $100,000 in restitution according to Morgan County District Attorney Scott Anderson.

Carrie Cabri Witt, 48, of Decatur, pleaded guilty in March 2021 to one count of a school employee engaging in a sex act with a student younger than 19. There were originally two counts against Witt, but prosecutors agreed to drop the second count.

Witt, who was originally arrested in 2016, was placed on administrative leave for over two years before resigning and then pleading guilty.

Witt attempted to challenge the sentence in 2016 arguing that she had a constitutional right to privacy to engage in consensual sex acts with whomever she chooses, but a Morgan County district judge denied the motion.

Morgan County Circuit Judge Jennifer Howell sentenced Witt to 10 years in prison last July, a split sentence where Witt will serve 18 months in the Department of Corrections and 18 months in a community corrections program. The remaining three years will be spent on probation.

Witt was also required to register as a sex offender.

In a statement to, Decatur City Schools says this is possibly the first time in the state where a former teacher has been ordered to repay the cost of salary and benefits paid out during legal proceedings.

“To our knowledge, Mr. Anderson is the only District Attorney in the state to seek and request restitution on behalf of the school system as part of the sentencing request,” said Decatur City Schools.

On Monday, Morgan County DA Anderson said he wants the case to be an “eye-opener to people who abuse children.”

Witt will be required to pay the $100,000 in full by June 15, or Anderson says, “the deal is off.”