ADEM says over a million gallons of waste water overflowed in heavy rains

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DECATUR, Ala. – North Alabama has seen quite a bit of rainfall recently. That caused some wastewater overflows in Decatur.

Several manholes in different locations spewed water from the city’s sewage system for days.

The state is now telling us how much of that water made it above ground.

According to online records the Alabama Department of Environmental Management said approximately 1.6 million gallons of wastewater overflowed in the City of Decatur during last week’s heavy rainfall.

Several people who live in the city were concerned the overflow would have an effect on the water being pumped into their homes.

Some of the manholes seemed to have run constantly.

ADEM said more than 600 thousand gallons of wastewater overflowed on Central Parkway alone.

Decatur Utilities later issued a statement that mentioned rain-induced sanitary sewer overflows are heavily diluted by rainwater.

The utility company said Decatur’s drinking water was not impacted by the overflows.

Mayor Tab Bowling said he plans to meet with the utility company in the near future.

Wednesday the mayor issued a statement to WHNT New 19s

It reads in part:

“…I believe it is important to have expectations that our meeting(s) will include options to expedite efforts to improve our sanitary sewer collection system piping and manholes.”

He has not given a date for that meeting but says he will meet with the company officials and three board members to discuss speeding up the process.

According to reports filed by Decatur Utilities on the ADEM website, the areas have been sanitized and pressure washed.

But more rain is expected this weekend, so that could have some impact on the sewage system.

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