400 pounds of litter removed from Decatur waterway


DECATUR, Ala. — The Tennessee Riverkeeper cleaned up more than 400 pounds of aquatic litter from Dry Branch Creek in Decatur on Saturday.

The team of eight volunteers worked to clean up all kinds of plastic, styrofoam, shopping bags, and straws totaling 400 pounds of litter.

The creek flows into the Tennesee River, and creeks like this are usually a collection zone for litter, according to the organization.

Before at Dry Branch Creek
(Photo from Tennessee Riverkeeper)
After at Dry Branch Creek
(Photo from Tennessee Riverkeeper)

In 2019, Alabama increased its litter fines to help deter litterers. It is now a Class B misdemeanor with possible jail time of up to six months and up to $3,000 in fines, according to our partners, AL.com. The minimum fine for a first-time offender is $500.

“These events show that a few people can make a difference, and cleanups provide some hope for hundreds of thousands of citizens who are concerned about our blessed river and its tributaries,” Tennessee Riverkeeper founder, David Whiteside, said in a statement.

As of September 2021, Tennessee Riverkeeper removed over 10,600 pounds of litter this year from local waterways.

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