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(WHNT) — Just a couple weeks before Christmas, tornadoes ripped through portions of Kentucky resulting in multiple deaths and dozens of homes being destroyed.

Members of Decatur church of Christ who volunteer with ‘Project Unify’ traveled to the area to help.

“It’s just really sad when you start taking a look at this was pretty much everybody’s livelihood and everything that they own it’s gone,” said Jeff Ellis, Decatur Church of Christ Project Unify volunteer.

Jeff Ellis is describing the destruction he can see from a bird’s eye view as he takes a break from trimming limbs to do an interview.

“The road that runs back there and there’s not a house standing anymore,” he pointed out.

As part of project unify the Decatur Church of Christ member traveled to a community outside of Mayfield to help anyway he can.

“There’s been people trying to help other individuals sort through their stuff, try to get anything out of the weather,” Ellis described. “We’ve been building tarps and actually we dropped lumber off which truthfully is a huge need in this community is lumber.”

After surveying the damage – he says many of the storm victims were overwhelmed and needed help figuring out where to start. 

But he it’s easy to get emotional seeing how these volunteers can bring light to people on their darkest days.

“It almost brings tears to your eyes to think that people are pitching in right here at Christmas time and just trying to help,” he said.

He’s working with a group of 40 volunteers from churches all over the country. Not everyone can travel to ground zero, but Ellis wants everyone who has helped, regardless of how, to know this.

“Donations, money, their time, I mean it is a blessing to see people that are actually getting the stuff and they are so very appreciative,” he explained.

He says all acts of kindness no matter how big or small make a difference, especially during this troubling time in Kentucky during the season of giving.

People can support Project Unify’s disaster relief efforts by donating to their PayPal.