Decatur residents frustrated with huge utility bills labeled a ‘billing error’


DECATUR, Ala. — No one likes an unexpected expense; however, that’s exactly what some Decatur residents are facing in the form of a huge utilities bill with past due amounts.

Decatur resident Eric Davis says he knew he wasn’t behind or past due for his utility bill but when he got a letter in the mail for two hundred dollars that said “Past due amount: due immediately,” he wanted answers. News 19 reached out to Decatur Utilities who says its a simple billing error.

It’s a billing error that Eric Davis and others who received the notification still have to pay.

Decatur Utilities serves as the billing agent for garbage pickup services provided by the city of Decatur’s street and sanitation department. Some customers were not properly billed for garbage pickup, and at the city’s request, Decatur Utilities is back billing customers for up to one year of service.

Davis says the billing error also happened to his brother and its frustrating.

“Our number one issue is the lack of communication. no advance warning, nothing at all,” Davis said. “We are both fortunate enough to be able to just pay it and move on with our lives but I’m sure, especially if there are people getting charged more than 212 dollars that this is going to be a major chunk for them.”

Customers who can’t afford to pay the entire back-billed amount can call Decatur Utilities customer service to discuss payment arrangements at 256-552-1400, option 4.

Customers should contact the city of Decatur Street and Environmental Services’s solid waste department at 256-341-4740 with any questions regarding their garbage pickup.

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