Decatur Police Department encouraging safe disposal of medication


DECATUR, Ala. – With spring in the air, many people are jumping into their spring cleaning and the Decatur Police Department is making sure you don’t forget to clean out your medicine cabinet.

They are encouraging people to get rid of their expired, unused, and unwanted prescription medication so it doesn’t get in the wrong hands like a child, or someone struggling with addiction.

The department has its own drop-off box available for the public to use.

Irene Cardenas-Martinez, the Public Information Liaison for DPD says how much they collect fluctuates.

“They come and go throughout the day,” she said. “We get about 15-30 pounds of prescriptions every month. The Vice narcotics unit actually disposes of them.”

You can put prescription medicine, patches, vitamins, and ointments into the box, but they do not accept inhalers, needles, liquids, or thermometers.

Cardenas-Martinez says if you have questions, an officer will help you decipher what can and cannot be taken before you drop them off.

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