Decatur nonprofit encourages you to put yourself in other people’s shoes this week

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DECATUR, Ala.- This week, advocates want you to remember a population most people tend to forget – the homeless. They say it’s easier for them to find help when freezing temperatures are forecast, but extended rain forecasts don’t usually have the same response.

“You know when the heat turns on for the first time in the winter? And you go ‘oh that smells so bad’? Well, I did that this year,” said Sue Grumbir, Executive Director for Hands Across Decatur. “I thought ‘Oh, the heat smells so bad’ then I thought ‘You know what? There’s people under a bridge who wish they could smell the heat come on the first time of the year.'”

Hands Across Decatur is a nonprofit that helps the homeless. Grumbir hopes you will put yourself in other people’s shoes this week.

“Can you imagine wearing the same pair of socks, same pair of shoes 24/7, seven days of rain? I can’t,” she continued. “I can’t imagine. I can’t begin to fathom what it would be like. Same clothes, same shoes, same underwear for seven days straight of rain.”

Grumbir says they need specific donations to combat this week’s upcoming rain.

“Tarps are huge. To put on the ground and under the tent,” she explained. “Our food supply is very very low because when the cold weather came a couple weeks ago, it cleaned us out pretty much.”

She says food they need for the homeless is different from food for a regular food pantry.

“Food pantry like you might see at Salvation Army is food to cook every night for supper,” she added. “The food pantry for homeless people is pop-top cans – single serving cans because they can’t carry everything in their backpacks.”

Donations can be made at the Hands Across Decatur Office:

Hands Across Decatur
1032-C 4th Avenue S.E.
Decatur, AL 35601

Specific needs at this time are:

  • Tarps
  • Men’s work boots sizes 8 to 12
  • Bottles of water
  • Cold medicine
  • Sustainable food that doesn’t have to be cooked

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