DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — Zachary Bernard Williams spent over three years in jail after he was accused of murdering 30-year-old Michael Wayne Irvin Jr. in 2019.

Three weeks ago, on December 9, Williams was acquitted of capital murder and was released from jail following the trial. On Wednesday, December 28, he was booked back into the Morgan County Jail.

According to the Decatur Police Department, Williams was pulled over in the vehicle he was driving when he failed to turn his blinker on

In a filed affidavit, police found a 9 mm Smith and Wesson pistol underneath the driver’s seat. That gun had been reported stolen through the Huntsville Police Department, according to the court record.

HPD confirmed that the gun had been stolen from a vehicle during a break-in in April 2020.

Williams is currently being held without bail, due to the fact that he was on parole for an earlier conviction.

The 34-year-old was arrested and has been charged with second-degree receiving stolen property and for being a certain person forbidden to possess a firearm.

In 2019, investigators who were looking into the shooting incident that left Michael Irvin, Jr. dead said his two young children were inside the house with him.

Ulysses Ke’Andre Wilkerson is the other man charged in Irvin’s death, where authorities say the two men kicked in the front door of his home on Marion Street Southwest in Decatur on February 25, 2019, intending to rob him.

According to, 911 audio was played before a jury of nine men and seven women, where Irvin’s girlfriend of 13 years and mother of their two children could be heard screaming and pleading for help.

Police would find Irvin’s lifeless body with several gunshot wounds on the floor of the laundry room. Body cam footage from the officers on scene showed the girlfriend asking why they weren’t taking Irvin to the hospital.

A Decatur Police Crime Scene Technician testified Monday saying there were at least 10 shell casings around Irvin’s body.

Wilkerson, just 18 years old at the time of the shooting, applied for youthful offender status in January 2020.

On November 21, Wilkerson hand-wrote a letter asking for new attorneys, writing, “I don’t feel like my life is in good hand, I feel like there working with the D.A. [District Attorney],” adding, “I’m innocent and have nothing to do with a murder.”

He went on to say he hasn’t spoken to his current attorneys, Brian White and Brent Burney, in 10 months. Wilkerson is being tried separately from Williams.

A trial for Wilkerson has not been set.