Decatur church volunteers sending help to New Orleans


DECATUR, Ala. – Crews from all over are preparing to make their way to Louisiana in an effort to help those in need. One group isn’t waiting for the smoke to clear but instead driving through the storm to get to New Orleans tonight.

As daylight revealed just how much damage was done to New Orleans, volunteers with Decatur Church of Christ jumped into action, leaving for the city first thing Monday morning.

“We try to get on the road as soon as we can after a storm because when people need help they need help right now. They don’t need it in a couple of weeks as much as they need it right now so we’re trying to get down there as soon as possible,” Outreach Minister Cody Michael said.

The crisis response team has worked under Michael since 2018, adding more Church of Christ partners across the south to help with all kinds of natural disasters.

Now, this group is trying to find their New Orleans counterparts, then get to work.

“Last night we were getting a few messages before cell service all went out. Some of the people we know that are down there were watching the siding come off of their house and the shingles come off their roofs. They tried to evacuate but the interstate was so backed up they couldn’t get out quick enough so they just hunkered down in their homes,” Michael said.

They packed their trailer full of supplies; prepared to respond to whatever they can in this initial trip south.

“We’re taking generators, we’re taking fans to help dry homes out, we’re taking roofing materials to help tarp roofs up and we’re taking Bibles because we want to get out the word of God as much as we can,” Michael said.

Volunteers will stay in New Orleans until Thursday. They will come back here to Decatur, reload the trailer, pick up more volunteers and head back to New Orleans on Saturday.

For information on how you can help out the Crisis Response team, click here.

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