Decatur Church To Sponsor Gas Giveaway On Friday

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With gas prices getting more painful by the day, a Decatur church will answer some prayers for relief on Friday.  One hundred people will get $20 worth of gas absolutely free.

Anthony Lovejoy is the lead pastor of City of Champions Church, and had the idea for the giveaway.  He said his congregation saw the need and wanted to do something to help.

“Something exciting, something that the people need and something actually to let the community know that the church was there as well,” said Lovejoy.

Lovejoy said the church is celebrating its first anniversary on April 7th.  Since January, the small congregation of about 35 members has been pooling donations until they reached $2,000.

That money will pay for 100 people to enjoy $20 of gas for free on Friday.

“I’m expecting a lot,” said Charlene Shaik, the manager of the Chevron at the corner of 14th Street SW and Central Parkway.  She’s a little nervous, too.

“I would really hope that people would be kind and considerate and at least a little bit patient to try to get this along very smoothly,” Shaik added.

The plan is to start handing out 100 tickets at Noon on Friday to whomever drives up for a fill-up.

Each ticket will be worth $20 of gas, which church members will pump.

There are 12 pumps at the gas station and while Shaik is excited about this giveaway, she also wants to make sure it doesn’t become chaotic.

“I don’t want there to be any wreck, any people hurt, any riots or anything like that,” said Shaik.  “This is a very organized event and it’s just to help the community.”

The idea is to make people aware of the church, which aims to bridge the gap between people of different races and cultures by emphasizing a common denominator in the need for faith and — in these times — fuel.

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