Deadline to sign up for Phase 2 of Madison County Recycling program Wednesday at Midnight

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — Officials with Solid Waste Disposal Authority are still working out kinks after nearly 65,000 people have signed up for Madison County’s new recycling program, switching 18-gallon bins out with 95-gallon carts.

Solid Waste Disposal’s Executive Director Doc Holladay says their contract with the company Republic ended July 31st. There is no longer anyone to service the 18-gallon bins.

“Anybody that didn’t know that those bins were no longer going to be serviced, I apologize for that. But what I want you to do is to continue to recycle,” says Holladay.

SWDA prefers you to sign up for the new Recycling Alliance program, but if you’re not interested or need to get rid of your piled up recyclables until you get your cart, here’s what to do.

“Perhaps you have a neighbor that is signed up that would allow you to put what’s in your smaller bin into that cart,” says Holladay.

He says if you would like a cart, it’s not too late to sign up. They are rolling carts out in phases per month.

“There may be a couple more carts in phase one still being delivered, but by this weekend everyone who signed up in phase one should have a cart,” says Holladay.

You have until midnight Wednesday, August 14th to ensure that you’re signed up in phase two which means you will get your cart before your September pick up.

Holladay their website has answers to frequently asked questions, but in the meantime, he encouraged neighbors to help inform others of who still have bins and not carts of the changes.

“Maybe telling your neighbor ‘Hey, I know you used to put out your 18-gallon bin, do you know how to sign up?” says Holladay.

Holladay says this new program has already shown to be a success. The counties curbside recycling program has more than doubled with its revitalization, confirming the community cares.

“What’s really impressive is not only that our people care about recycling but they are recycling the right things,” says Holladay.

SWDA is picking up heavier bins right now with more items that can be successfully recycled.

“It’s all the right stuff that is a part of our program, which is important because that means what you put in there really does get recycled and made into a new product,” says Holladay.

Officials say they know some households will need more than one cart.

“We all need to concentrate initially on putting the right stuff in the cart and then if you need more space, let us know,” says Holladay.

He says if you have tried calling Solid Waste Disposal about the new recycling program and haven’t been answered, please continue to try.

People must enroll in the new program even if they currently participate in SWDA’s recycling program.

SWDA launched a new website for people to enroll.

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