Dawson Elementary Celebrates Anti-Bullying Honor

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Fighting bullying remains a big challenge for schools today.

Tuesday afternoon, a Huntsville City School lived up to that challenge.

It received an honor from a national organization for its work fighting bullying.

School Counselor Janell Jagielski explains, “We were designated as a No Place For Hate school by the Anti-Defamation League out of Atlanta.”

That explains the rainbow in the hallway.  It’s made of little handprints, many with little portraits inside them.

Little reminders that kids of different colors and creeds can coexist.

As Jagielski notes, “Bullying is a problem that affects students from all walks of life.”

That’s why the school launched the campaign – to get kids in harmony with a message that matters.

Jagielski elaborates, “We focus on the bystander, empowering kids to stand up for other kids that are being bullied.”

In the course of the year, some of these hands will twist an arm, some will wipe away a tear, but the goal is that none should stay idle.

Because there’s often only one bully and one victim, but there are usually plenty of bystanders.

The school had to meet a number of requirements to get the honor, including special projects and a council of faculty, students, and parents, all seeking to put a stop to bullying.

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