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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Huntsville City Schools has partnered with Cyber Huntsville and the United States Army Cyber Command. The goal is to help prepare the younger generation for the world of cyber security. “In the agreement with the school system we have a lot of volunteer support that volunteer their time to support programs,” All Points Vice President of Cyber Operations Shane Hammett said.

Hammett is also a part of Cyber Huntsville. He said partnerships like the one with the school is needed. “As we see in most large cities and throughout the U.S. there is a workforce shortage,” Hammett explained.

He said there are a lack of Information Technology Specialists out there. “Maintaining that workforce is key, so Huntsville has done a really outstanding job engaging with the education community and to build curriculum to build a hands on learning environment,” Hammett said.

He said programs like Cyber Patriot help prepare students. “Which is a work forced development program that is a part of a STEM initiative that continues to grow. The few years that I’ve been in the Huntsville area, it has doubled in size,” Hammett said.

He said there’s a lot of new initiatives underway including outreach programs centered around education. “We are really excited about Cyber Huntsville, about how we continue to grow the workforce which will give us a better workforce for tomorrow,” Hammett explained.