Cyber expert pinpoints the simple things we can do to prevent stolen information in the digital universe

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Cyber companies big and small attended the National Cyber Security Summit in Huntsville this week to showcase what they can do in the world of cyber security. And believe it or not, the same problems that affect national defense and global security are the same problems that can affect you.

“Individuals are customers of large businesses, every service you use on online carries your personal data, and are the targets of these threat actors,” Dr. Wesley McGrew said. McGrew is the Director of Cyber Operations for HORNE Cyber.

He shares a few of the most simple things we can do to prevent stolen information in the digital universe.

“The biggest thing to do with applications is to minimize the apps that you use, so if you’re not using an app, remove it,” McGrew said.

Also, don’t allow apps to constantly collect information by running in the background. This stops them from tracking your activity and location.

And you’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again, but this is serious: don’t re-use passwords.

“If your social media account gets compromised, then that threat actor is then going to be able to compromise your bank accounts,” McGrew said.

He recommends using password generators to make your passwords safe and unique.

And don’t be the first to jump on a new app. Let the bugs get worked out first.

“Stay away from trendy apps, don’t be the first to install it,” McGrew said. “Let a lot of people use it first, let the reputation take over.”

If you follow this expert advice, you’re ensuring your private information is cyber safe.

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