CUTE: Dog ‘apologizes’ to baby for stealing her toy and making her cry

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This is precious.  An adorable beagle named Charlie showered his tiny owner in toys and affection after making her cry.

Baby Laura’s parents were dangling a toy in her face, and Charlie must have wanted to play with it — or, he might have been suffering from a little bit of attention withdrawal since Laura came along.  He took it away and Laura soon cried.



When Laura starts to cry, Charlie seems to realize what he’s done — and works quickly to make up for it.  He brings her every toy he can find, including a tennis ball, Playstation controller, and even the toy he stole in the first place.

He gives her a kiss towards the end.


Charlie’s apology works.  Laura stops crying and the two are back to being “best friends,” according to Charlie’s Youtube page. The video has garnered almost 2 million views.

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