Curbside alcohol sales end across Alabama

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – COVID-19 cocktail kits with bottles of liquor from your favorite bar or restaurant are coming to an end.

The Alabama Alcohol and Beverage Control Board will not extend the emergency order allowing curbside and to-go sales of alcoholic beverages at licensed locations in the state. The ABC Board passed the initial emergency order in March after health departments around the state ordered bars and restaurants to stop on-site consumption in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The emergency order relating to curbside service expires today, September 15.  It was implemented when Governor Ivey’s “Stay at Home” order was implemented causing most retail licensees to close inside service.

“We opened in the middle of March.. so two days after our grand opening… the shut-down happened. We had to let go of the whole staff and basically just existed on the partners and some volunteers so all we’ve known is the pandemic kinda ironically,” says Phat Sammy’s Bar Director, Jeremy Concepcion.

Partner Jeremy Concepcion says the to-go cocktail kits helped them stay afloat.

“We did these to go cocktail kits called cutty bangs which is a San Francisco thing. In the beginning for the first three months it was key if we didn’t have that, we would have been in bad shape,” says Concepcion.

Restaurants and bars in the state were allowed to resume on-premise consumption on May 11.

“However, under the ‘Safer at Home’ order, retail licensees, including restaurants, are now allowed 50% capacity inside, so the need to provide emergency curbside service is no longer necessary,” said Dean Argo, Government Relations Manager of the Alabama ABC Board, in a email to News 19.

This decision comes as bars and restaurants around the state are still prohibited from selling patrons alcohol after 11 p.m. in an effort to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In July, the ABC Board unanimously voted to cut off on-premise alcohol sales at bars, restaurants and clubs at 11 p.m. each night with the requirement that all alcohol be consumed by 11:30 p.m. The order, which went into effect on Aug. 1, has a 120-day limit.

 This Alabama ABC Board is scheduled to hold its next regular monthly meeting on Thursday, September 24.

“The Alabama Licensees Association recently requested that the Board consider moving the alcohol sales prohibition to a later time.  We anticipate Mr. Gipson and the Board will discuss that request during next week’s meeting,” said Argo.

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