Crews battle Friday morning house fire in Hazel Green

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HAZEL GREEN, Ala. – Fire crews responded to a house fire in Hazel Green Friday morning.

Authorities were called to Stafford Road around 4 a.m.

A Strike of lightning is what firefighters say may have caused the fire that destroyed this home on Stafford Rd. in hazel green.

Ronald Heard Chief of Bobo Volunteer Fire Department says, “I was the first one on the scene and when i got here it was fully embalmed we think it may have been a lightning strike but we’re not sure.”

Everyone inside the home was able to escape uninjured.

The storm that passed overhead at the time was so loud it woke up neighbors.

Nakia Underwood says after waking up from the storm she realized her power was out.  “I looked outside and I saw flashing lights and I thought it was a utility truck and I opened the door and I just saw fire trucks and realized that the house was on fire.”

A sobering and scary sight for the neighborhood.

“It was terrifying and then my first thought was I hope everyone was ok and how long had it… because apparently it had been burning for a while before I even realized what was going on,” says Nakia Underwood.

The storm caused a power outage throughout the entire area but that has now been restored.


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