COVID-19 restrictions bring Mardi Gras back to Alabama


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Mardi Gras is February 16. Even though many people associate the celebrations with New Orleans, it actually originated in Mobile, Alabama in the 1700s.

On Saturday that celebration was brought to Huntsville.

The smell and sounds of Bourbon Street were in full swing at The Camp in Mid City, from Grammy-nominated bands to the best King Cake in Louisiana, you were transported to NOLA for the day.

From 11 am to the late-night hours, you could listen to great music paired with the most flavorful of food and sweetest of treats and not to mention the world-famous cocktail, “The Hurricane.”

Trombones, saxophones, and tambourines were heard from blocks away, which probably meant you heard the Cha Wa Band.

The Grammy-nominated Mardi Gras Indian Funk Band based out of New Orleans would have been playing this year in their city, “This time in New Orleans I would probably be cooking up Mardi Gras Indian soup, getting ready for the big day, but COVID got other plans,” said Spyboy J’Wan Boudreaux, a member of the Cha Wa Band, “So we’re out here in Huntsville trying to bring some of that New Orleans spirit out here.”

The weather was cold and rainy, but it didn’t stop the band from giving a great performance. The Cha Wa band said they just wanted to play.

“It’s just still great to be able to play in front of people, you know so they can enjoy the music, it doesn’t matter where you’re at, it matters about how the music makes you feel,” Boudreaux told News 19.

Although it was a Mardi Gras festival, Translee, a Huntsville native was the only rapper on the set list and he was ecstatic to be back home, “Huntsville is just a special place so it’s always special to come back home and perform here because the crowd always shows you love and it’s like the hometown feeling.”

To Translee, the size of the event didn’t matter, it’s what the celebration represents.

The Mardi Gras stage, which’s known worldwide was brought to the Rocket City and he says, this is Mardi Gras 2.0, “New Orleans couldn’t have it so we’re literally bringing it to Huntsville. We’re just trying to bring a little festivity to Huntsville and to the world really.”

The Cha Wa Band just recently was on Good Morning America and on Friday night, they released their newest single, “My People,” which you can listen to here and follow their updates on their social media.

Translee has new music and projects in the making and you can listen to his music here, and follow his journey on Instagram.

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