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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – There were mixed reactions from area businesses as the governor announced an expiration date for the mask mandate. Masks will no longer be required in Alabama after April 9.

Despite the wide mix of reactions and responses to the governor’s news, relief is a word that accurately describes how most people News 19 talked with are feeling in general.

Stephanie Kennedy-Mell, who owns several businesses including the Church Street Wine Shoppe, says employees will still have to wear masks after April 9.

Kennedy-Mell says they’ll evaluate whether or not customers will have to.

We asked her how COVID-19 changed her as a business owner.

“Before it was feeding them really good food and give them the experience they’re looking for when they go out to dinner,” she said. “We’re much more cognoscente of people’s health and the effect that we have on not just the public, but our employees more so than ever before.”