COVID-19 data website to stop at end of month


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –, a website that tracks COVID-19 data in Alabama and provides charts, maps, and graphs of that data, will stop collecting new data on May 31.

The site’s creator, David Marconnet, is a website developer from Huntsville. In a statement posted to the site, he said his data collection has served its purpose.

“I’ve been working on Bama Tracker for over 14 months now,” Marconnet wrote. “The site has been used by millions of people, featured on the news dozens of times and even honored by the Alabama House of Representatives. I’m still blown away by all of that, so writing this announcement is extremely difficult for me.

“As much as I’d like to continue working on the site to track different things for Alabama, I feel that at this point it has served its purpose,” he said. “So because of that, I am stopping the development and mainetence of the site at the end of May. After that it will simply show the data collected previously. I am happy it became such a useful tool, but also looking forward to getting back the time I spend here daily maintaining the site, tweeting about data, and answering questions from people.”

The Alabama House of Representative passed a resolution commending Marconnet for his work. State Representative Andy Whitt, Harvest, personally delivered the resolution to Marconnet’s home. (Courtesy: Marconnet)

“As a native of Alabama, I am really honored to have been able to provide the site for so long and I’d like to thank every single person that has supported the site over the last year. You really kept me going! Take care and be safe Alabama.”

Marconnet became interested in studying COVID-19 data in March of 2020. He never imagined that his side project would soon be visited by over 1 million people.

Marconnet says he wanted to put his skills as a software developer to use during the pandemic. He began compiling data from ADPH, the CDC and the Department of Health and Human Services on his website. Soon, the site started gaining traction, as more and more people turned to his easy to understood charts and graphs for insights about the pandemic.

BamaTracker follows everything from COVID-19 infection rates, deaths, recoveries, vaccinations, and even cases by school district. Data is available on both state and county levels, and the site even allows users to compare data between counties.

Marconnet says the COVID-19 data will remain online on BamaTracker to serve as a historical record of COVID-19 in Alabama.

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